The Future of Sustainable Design

When it comes to adopting new innovations, the industry is hesitant. How can we change that? Join hosts Christopher Riddell and Jackson Sensat with guest Satpal Kaur as they discuss the current difficulties in designing with sustainability, how we can start changing industry mindsets, the necessity in embracing new technologies, and more.

LEGO Master Talks User Experience

Sure, we use devices and software, but are they also using us? Join hosts Christopher Riddell and Jackson Sensat and guest Randall Wilson as they discuss the hidden world of finding out how customers interact with interface, the psychology behind user design experience, and the creative minds that are behind “making things work.”

The Evolution of Technology on a Jobsite

When you step back and think about it. Many technologies that have been here for years and even decades are still being used, but the way they are used have changed. In this episode, Steve Lindsey and Dave Studdert CTO and CRO of LiveView Technologies join us to talk about how safety and loss prevention on a jobsite have turned, like many other technologies, into a business intelligence tool.