Episode Description

Join this special episode as The AEC Disruptors joins forces with our sister podcast Bridging the Gap hosted by Todd Weyandt to recap the biggest takeaways for the Digital Agility Summit. Todd and Christopher are joined by solutions engineer and cloud infrastructure strategist Jason Schmidt of Applied Software to unpack whether the intensity of work has changed over the past year, the potential future technology trends of the AEC industry, the ways in which we’ll need to adapt to technology, and what we can look forward to when it comes to digital transformation. 

Todd Weyandt is the Director of Creative Marketing at Applied Software and host of the Bridging the Gap Podcast, winner of the 2020 Best Construction Podcast. He is a champion of industry dialogue to support companies as they try new things, advance and thrive. Todd has a deep knowledge of how to increase awareness of a brand, communication strategy and plays a major role in elevating corporate culture.

Jason Schmidt is an AEC industry specialist and Technology leader, with over 29 years of progressive IT & Design Technology experience, helping enhance AEC processes and workflows. He has the experience to interact and communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals and groups, including all levels of management.


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