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What tech have you recently noticed in the field that wasn’t around ten—or even five—years ago? Join host Christopher and guest David Smigel of Circle Computer Resources as they discuss the growing complexities of technology, “geeking out” about construction tech, and what it means to collaborate clearly and concisely on projects. If you’re going to get something done, it’s important to do it right. 

David has been a member of the Circle Computer Resources (CCR) core leadership team since 2011. Before that, he pursued (and found success in) various entrepreneurial endeavors, which exposed him to every aspect of the work lifecycle and the importance of strategic technology adoption. His roles have spanned IT consulting to sales to operations and large-scale project management. In his time at CCR, David has contributed to and influenced the launch of several technology services products and business units within the organization.

As of Q4 of 2018, David has assumed a lead role in CCR’s newest division – ConstructEDGE Technology Services (CTS). CTS has experienced early success in its target market (top 400 GC’s in North America), offering technology solutions that focus on connectivity to the jobsite. This success is in large part to David’s strong leadership and visionary mindset around the future of the construction industry. He has made it his mission to understand the true needs of construction companies and projects to design a suite of technology services that enable safety, productivity via real time data and communication.


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