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How do IT Directors sleep at night? We keep hearing new stories about the increasing number of ransomware attacks on large companies. Engineering firms are especially vulnerable to these attacks due to the sheer complexity of operations. An IT director joined us on this episode to tell us just how he and others like him are able to sleep peacefully knowing that their data and files won’t be compromised.

Clay Pilkilton is the IT Director for M&S Engineering, a professional and full-service engineering firm whose humble beginning started in a shed on 23 acres near Bergheim, Texas. Clay has led the charge at his company to leave servers behind and move the business to the cloud.

Jason Schmidt is an AEC industry specialist and Technology leader, with over 29 years of progressive IT & Design Technology experience, helping enhance AEC processes and workflows. He has the experience to interact and communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals and groups, including all levels of management.


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