Episode Description

When you step back and think about it. Many technologies that have been here for years and even decades are still being used, but the way they are used have changed. In this episode, Steve Lindsey and Dave Studdert CTO and CRO of LiveView Technologies join us to talk about how safety and loss prevention on a jobsite have turned, like many other technologies, into a business intelligence tool.

Lindsey joined LVT in 2011 after leading technology, software, engineering, and development teams at multiple companies including i3 Technologies and Novell. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic and information technology from Brigham Young University.

Studdert officially joined the company as a consultant in order to expand the clientele to state governments, departments of transportations, and other government agencies. Soon, he was appointed LiveView Technologies’ Chief Sales and Marketing Officer with a particular emphasis on business development. He holds a degree in international law and diplomacy from Brigham Young University


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